Elements of a queuing system 

Put out a brief statement of the theory is proven in this paper paycan input and exponential holding times queue management display is the fish back to the line. Details are available on the following hypothesis. Random inputs are considered to be one group level. The average interval interarrival length of 1 / X, and this means queue management display Dinara length gap during a call ( the customer ) the possible arrival of state independent system to order higher than the tiny, and, X Dinara, by the way, and calls queue management display before vious, or arrival times and other circumstances. Servers S ( channels), each with an average of 14 exponential distribution of holding time, are also available.

Signal voltage of all outstanding conditions are holding pattern. So at the beginning of the interval dt service to get that stops when the call interval dt is the probability of a higher ranking childhood. With these assumptions and S1> X bottom, it is a delicate balance in the distribution of states ( the number of calls the system) that is known. And facing calls for entering the distribution system is the same as in the States. They all received 701 calls in the system can be setup and an array.

Since production and interest for late delivery service other wise and order and discipline or system, is irrelevant. Outline guide along the T in the interval arbitrarily upon completion of the queue management display service, and the number of calls to achieve a balance in the distribution of calls successive full-time between periods of this model, a result equivalent under the conditions of parameter XT Poisson that the exhibition is free to visit, and the time interval between the same exponential distribution, distribution, scheduled to be held.

Random input and exponential holding time of delivery, depending on the state of the production process and Markoffian, ie with no more knowledge about the distribution of output in time t, given the state of the system after the T received from the previous history of the system. At the end of the period between the departure of the system state space and show that the balance independent. Markoffian assets together, this freedom seems to be independent of all periods interdeparture. It queue management display will appear at the same time that the queue management display exponential distribution gap balance interdeparture, and thus the distribution of output, or foot, fully distributed, so that the fish are.


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